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Spring is Selling Season!

Now that spring is here, is it the best time to sell your home?  Fortunately, with our San Diego weather, there's really no bad time to sell your home, but spring and summer are definitely our "on seasons."  Why?  Well, the days are longer and that late afternoon light not only showcases homes to their best effect, but it gives buyers more time to look for properties throughout the week.  Families with children may be more motivated to make the move before the new school season starts, and with more homes selling in this season, comparable sales data is more accurate, which results in better valuations. Not to mention that there is a shortage of inventory here in San Diego.  With only about two months' worth of homes for sale,

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 Normalynn, Kimberly's assistant, will be participating in the Froyo 5K on Saturday, May 2nd in downtown San Diego.  This will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County to which Kimberly donates a portion of her commission from every home she sells.


If you would also like to participate or support this great cause, go to:

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Are you a first-time home buyer and eager to purchase your first home?  Do you know the difference between a pre-qualification and a pre-approval?  Do you know what private mortgage insurance is?  Purchasing real estate is a big step, so here are  10 important real estate terms you should know that will help you get going with the process!

To learn these terms, go to:

Ready to purchase your first home?  Feel free to contact Kimberly for your real estate needs!

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San Diego’s stunning sunshine and beautiful coastline definitely qualify it to be one of the nation’s most livable cities.  With its many sought after zip codes, there is one that has been specifically ranked the first in the county and sixth in the nation, according to the US Census American Community Survey.  Zip code 92121 has earned the right to be the best in the county based on data that analyzes high school graduation rate, household income, unemployment rate, median rent and home worth, and average commute time.  With an unemployment rate as low as 4%, average household income of more than $96,000, and an average of a short 17-minute commute, no wonder 92121 is ranked number one.  It’s also reported that the area’s median home value is

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It's no secret to anyone home-shopping right now that the foreclosure market has all but dried up.  What those of us know in the field is supported by recent reports detailing California's decreasing number of notice-of-default filings, which are now at their lowest point since 2005.  These filings are the first step in the official foreclosure process, and they're down 15% from last year in Riverside County, and 23% in San Bernadino.  LA and Orange Counties have seen 10% and 12% drops, respectively.  Increased market activity and prices over the last couple of years have led to the much-needed boost for homeowners to avoid being upsidedown on their homes.  If they are in a position of hardship, many owners now have the option of selling without having to

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Back in September, I mentioned that buying had become cheaper than renting, all across the country.  If you watch the news, you will doubtless be aware that this still holds true.  I wanted to re-visit this topic as the subject comes up during every conversation I have with potential buyers.  The short answer is, 'yes".  Read below for some fascinating facts and figures on the current state of the housing market from state to state.



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The FHA (Federal Housing Administration), which is the nation’s largest insurer of “low-down payment” mortgages, announced this week that it will raise premiums by 10 points, or 1%, on most of the new mortgages it insures.

What does that mean for you as a buyer?  A borrower choosing a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage who puts down 5% or more will now pay an annual insurance premium of 1.3% of their outstanding balance. And someone who puts less than 5% down will pay a premium of 1.35%.

The FHA also said it will raise premiums for borrowers with jumbo loans (loans of $625,000 or more) by 5 points, or 0.05%, and increase the required minimum down on these loans from 3.5% to 5%.

The Agency said it will require most buyers to pay insurance premiums

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It seems the old adage "the more things change, the more they stay the same" still rings true. In this ever changing market, as we swing from 'Buyer's Market' to 'Seller's Market' and back and forth again, trends are still being tracked and reported on. Recent data shows that Buyers' needs are adapting to economic shifts and 'wish lists' are changing. Buyers are now focusing more on how a home is designed and constructed (more 'green and sustainable components) and what they know about amenities in particular neighborhoods (proximity to restaurants, transportation) when conducting their search.

You can read more at:

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As you may already know, giving back to the community of San Diego is very important to me. With every home I sell, I make a charitable contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County, and for every referral client who closes, I make an additional charitable donation to the foundation of your choice.

This holiday season, in partnership with Daniel Lehman of WJ  Bradley, we are sponsoring my first annual toy drive for the Polinsky Center, a temporary shelter for children who are being separated from their families. As a former foster child, I know how hard it is to transition out of your own home, and it means a lot to me to be able to contribute in some small way to these children’s lives.

My husband and I will personally be picking

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Recovery from the real estate crash is happening in a variety of ways.  We are seeing increased prices, increased sales volume, and a return to the real estate market for those who previously lost their homes to foreclosure.  Known as "boomerang buyers," these purchasers are contributing to the upswing in real estate activity that we are now seeing in San Diego, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It's tough to put a specific number on these boomerang buyers; but real estate agents, mortgage brokers and home builders all reported to the newspaper that a significant number of these new buyers went through foreclosure and/or a short sale as recently as three years ago.  On a personal note, I have been able to help several clients who

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